BES Express – Calendar not syncing from Outlook or to Outlook.  After a recent installation of BES Express for a client it became apparent that while email and contacts were syncing with Exchange 2007, the calendar was not syncing at all.  BES can be a real monster to debug and troubleshoot.  It’s a real fine balance that can be undone by a simple checkbox or registry key.

I tried a few things before quickly realizing that I could end up spending hours trying to get the calendar syncing.  Thankfully BES technical support is really good and BES Express does come with one free support call.  You can register online for the free support call or just provide the SRP id when you call in and they’ll get you straight through to a technician.

It turned out the big thing preventing the calendar from syncing was permissions on the public folder.  The BESAdmin account is a basic service account and can’t be a member of too many groups.  By going into Active Directory and viewing properties of the BESAdmin account the “member of” tab listed almost 12 groups that the BESAdmin account was a member of.  One of these groups was the Domain Admin group which will totally kill Calendar syncing due to permissions.  I removed all the extra groups leaving only 4 basic ones.

The next step is resetting the cache so that the settings you just changed can go into effect immediately.  Permissions are cached for about 2 hours.  A work around for this is be going into services and restarting the Microsoft Exchange information store.  Once I had done that I checked the Blackberry and the calendar immediately started populating with all events.  Calendar objects from the Blackberry were also syncing into Exchange and displaying in Outlook.

If you ever run into an issue with BES Express not syncing the calendar to your Blackberry you can implement this resolution and fix the problem in less then 5 minutes.


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  1. Christian on September 28, 2011 8:14 am

    when i remove the BB account out of Domain Admins i can’t send mail – i can receive it though.

    What is your BB admin account a member of?

  2. Jono Cono on September 28, 2011 8:34 am

    The BESAdmin account is a member of the following groups:

    All Users
    Domain Users
    Enterprise Admins
    Exchange Security Group

    This is on a SBS 2008 x64 Server. All users are able to successfully sync email/contacts/calendars.

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